Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a type of therapy that treats sensitive areas in the body with shock waves. With the help of a shockwave therapy device, these shock waves are transferred to the area to be treated.

Shockwave therapy uses shock waves to help the body recover faster.
The released energy is absorbed into the painful tissue via the treatment head. The body reacts to this and produces substances that promote recovery. Some substances create a mild inflammatory reaction, which speeds up recovery and improves blood flow.
Shockwave results in most cases for a good result.

The treatment method can be used for many different complaints. These are often tendon complaints that have persisted for a longer period of time. Common complaints in which shockwave therapy can be used as part of the treatment include heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendon complaints, knee tendon complaints, shin splints, foot complaints, elbow complaints and complaints in the shoulder with inflammation. The physiotherapist will assess together with the patient whether this treatment method can be used for the complaints.

There are two different types of shockwave therapy: radial shockwave and focused shockwave.
Radial shockwave provides energy over a larger area. This type of shockwave is suitable for, among other things: trigger point treatment, tendon infections and heel spurs (plantar fasciitis).
Focused shockwave gives a concentrated energy on a small surface in the body. This form is most commonly used to treat bone, CPPS, calcifications and treatments around the hip.

During the treatment with the physiotherapist, the pain area is first localized by the therapist. In a number of cases, additional examination is performed by means of ultrasound. After the diagnosis has been made and it has been shown that shockwave therapy is indicated, the shockwave treatment can start.

For shockwave therapy you can contact our physiotherapists: Irwin, Max and Paul.
We offer shockwave therapy at our Schellingwoude practice location. Please contact our reception to make an appointment.

We charge additional costs for the shockwave treatments in addition to the costs for the physiotherapy treatment.
Often a minimum of 5 treatments are needed to achieve a good result/effect.
The additional costs are:
Radial 5x: €15 (possibly additional treatments €3)
Focused 5x: €35 (possibly additional treatments €7)
Ultrasound: 49.50
These costs cannot be submitted to the health insurer.

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