In our practice we offer ultrasound as additional diagnostics for all different kind of complaints.
Various complaints can be identified by means of an ultrasound examination. On the ultrasound, muscles, joints and tendons can be viewed. After this, a diagnosis can be made quickly and a treatment plan can be drawn up together with the patient.

In addition to examining the complaints, ultrasound can also be used to map the progress and effects of a treatment process.

The ultrasound examination is done with a device that is applied to the area of โ€‹โ€‹the complaint using gel. High sound waves are sent which reflect with the tissue of, for example, the muscle. From this a dynamic image of the muscle can be read on a monitor and a cause of a complaint can be visualized.

An ultrasound examination is a quick and safe method to visualize the complaints. The sound waves are not harmful and do not cause any complications.

For an ultrasound consultation you can visit our therapists: Paul and Wibbo.
We offer ultrasound at two of our locations: Schellingwoude and Amstelkwartier.
Please contact our reception to make an appointment.

We charge additional costs for the ultrasound consultation in addition to the costs for the physiotherapy treatment.
The additional costs are โ‚ฌ49.50.
These costs cannot be submitted to the health insurer.

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