Manual Therapy

The aim of manual therapy is on the one hand to improve the movement of the joints and on the other hand to improve posture and movements. For this, the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that can be applied to/in the joints. The aim is to reduce limitations in daily activities.

Manual therapy is often also combined with exercises so that the patient can independently keep the joints mobile and strengthen the muscles.

Manual therapy is a specialized Master’s study aimed at improving joint functions and learning specific techniques for this. Much attention is also paid to the latest scientific developments, such as reading and interpreting scientific studies.

We tailor the treatment based on scientific research, your needs as a patient and of course our own experience.
Manual therapy can be used for various complaints, such as for example: neck and back complaints. It can also be used effectively for complaints such as headaches, dizziness and nerve pain in the arms or legs.

After an extensive examination, the manual therapist determines together with the patient whether manual therapy can be a good additional treatment method for the complaint.

For manual therapy you can contact the following manual therapists: Dorien, Lucas, Dana and Thörsten.
We offer manual therapy at our various practice locations. Please contact our reception to make an appointment.
If you wish to be treated with manual therapy, we request that you complete the informed consent in advance. See the link below for this.

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Most insurers currently limit manual therapy to 9 treatments per year. If you want to continue using manual therapy after this, we will charge you a personal contribution of €10 per treatment or the then applicable practice rate for manual therapy.
In consultation, your treatment can also be transferred to one of our physiotherapists.

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