Medical Taping

Medical tape, also called CureTape, is a stretchable colored tape that can be used as an additional treatment method in physiotherapy for various complaints.

The tape stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body and provides support and stability in the joint and muscle. Due to the elasticity of the tape, there is a reduction in pressure, which stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In addition, the pressure on the pain receptors also decreases, so that the experience of the pain can be reduced.

Due to the stretchable properties of the tape, it does not completely restrict movement when taping a joint such as an ankle or shoulder. As a result, the joint can still make its natural movement, but when the joint comes more into the final position, the stretch on the tape increases.

The medical tape is made in such a way that it is ventilating and skin-friendly. In addition, the tape is water-resistant, so you can easily shower with it. The tape stays on the skin on average between 3 to 6 days.

We offer medical taping at our various physiotherapy practice locations. Please contact our reception to make an appointment.
If you wish to be treated with Medical taping, the practice will charge you โ‚ฌ16 at your own costs for a roll of CureTape. This can often be used several times.
You are free to bring your own purchased tape with you during the treatment.

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