Remedial Therapy

Cesar- Mensendieck remedial therapy is a treatment method that is performed by a remedial therapist. The treatment is aimed at becoming aware of a good way of moving in daily activities.

Together with the patient, the remedial therapist looks at the posture and how movements are performed. The remedial therapist then works with the patient, including exercises and advice, to optimize the posture.

Remedial therapy can be a good additional treatment method for many different complaints, such as neck complaints at an office job or back complaints at a profession where heavy lifting is required. The remedial therapist will examine the complaints and decide together with the patient which treatment method suits the patient best.

In remedial therapy, the therapist and the patient look for a long-term solution that the patient can work with in the home and work situation. In this type of therapy we assume an active recovery in which exercise and movement play a central role to prevent the complaints from continuing or returning.

A remedial therapist likes to work together with a physiotherapist, so that the therapists can work together to achieve an optimal treatment method.

For remedial therapy you can contact our therapist: Peter.
We offer remedial therapy at our various practice locations. Please contact our reception to make an appointment.

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