On this page you will find the rates that we use if you are not or no longer sufficiently insured. You are at all times responsible for checking the capacity in your insurance package.

For a first appointment, we always schedule both an intake and a treatment. We therefore charge two amounts to either your insurance company or to yourself by means of an invoice. We do this so that we have more time for your complaint and its handling. A first appointment therefore takes longer than a follow-up appointment.

Health insurers only reimburse when a treatment has actually taken place. Appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or where you do not show up are called a no show. These no-shows will be charged to you and we won’t and are not allowed to charge your health insurer in this case.

Chronic Conditions

With Physiotherapy for Chronic Conditions, you always need a referral from your GP or medical specialist. Do you have an indication for chronic physiotherapy? Then you are entitled to reimbursement from the basic insurance after the 21st treatment. The first 20 treatments are reimbursed from the supplementary insurance or need to be paid by you yourself.

As an example: you have an indication for chronic physiotherapy and you have additional insurance with 10 physiotherapy treatments. In that case, the first 10 treatments will be reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. The 10 treatments that follow are paid yourself and from the 21st treatment you will be reimbursed from the basic insurance. Please note that then your own risk will be assessed. 

Recovery care COVID-19

If you experience serious complaints or limitations during your recovery from COVID-19, physiotherapy can help. Whether or not you need physiotherapy is determined by your GP or medical specialist on the basis of your complaints. This care is reimbursed under certain conditions from the basic package. The treatments are reimbursed from the 1st treatment. However, your own risk applies. 

Own risk 

You do not pay a deductible or own risk for care that is reimbursed under your supplementary insurance. Do you receive chronic physiotherapy under the basic insurance? Then your own risk will be addressed.

Childrens physiotherapy

The reimbursement for physiotherapy for children is different from the reimbursement for physiotherapy for adults. Are you younger than 18 years old? In that case, at least 18 sessions will be reimbursed from the basic insurance. You do not pay any deductible for this.

Pricing physio- and manual therapy

Intake & research€54,50
Manual Therapy€54,50
Remedial Therapy€44,50
Addition at home€20,00

No Show (or cancelled within 24hours)
Manual Therapy€40,00
Intake, research & treatment€60,00