Walking is a nicer life. That requires good shoes with a good fit and good support. Schiedon can advise you on this.

For more stability and support or for specific problems, existing shoes can be adapted and podiatric soles, footbeds / inlays can be manufactured. They also make custom shoes so that they fit your feet exactly.

At Schiedon Orthopedic Shoe Technology, an orthopedic shoe technologist works together with an orthopedic shoe technician to offer the best solution for people with a deviant gait pattern.

Get2KnowMe – Naomi Ehrlich

In haptotherapy you get to work with your feeling and the connection between your feeling, your body and your thinking and acting. What you feel is an important part of yourself; it tells you what feels right or wrong and what you do or don’t want. Many people tend to ignore their feelings for a long time, for a variety of reasons. That can eventually wreak havoc mentally or physically. In haptotherapy you learn about how you deal with your feelings and how you can listen and act better. As a result, you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Naomi likes to guide and support people – individually and in groups – with their personal issues, whereby feeling and physical signals are important inputs. Based on her background and experience as a psychologist, trainer and haptotherapist, she tries to connect as closely as possible to what someone needs and to use different working methods where necessary. She takes great pleasure in seeing people grow and become more and more true to themselves. Read more on her website about when haptotherapy (or coaching on a haptonomic basis) can be of added value, how sessions work and what it can bring you.


At Fysiotherapie GOED Amsterdam, we are proud to provide our patients with the latest technologies to help achieve your results. To create your custom training programs, we use an app called PhysiApp. With PhysiApp, you can carry out your prescribed training program by following clear, spoken training videos. PhysiApp is completely free to download in the App store and Google Play store or can be accessed through your browser. Customizable reminders help you stay on track to a better you!


If you have received a treatment, you will undoubtedly have an opinion about it. Did you feel understood by your healthcare provider? Did the treatment process bring you what you expected? Would you recommend the healthcare provider to a friend?

Qualiview collects these experiences and outcomes from patients in order to provide an honest view of care. Your answers help care from good to better. You make better care together. But what is better care? Is that a lower cost? Do you want to be helped quickly? Or perhaps being able to choose which care provider will help you and more personal guidance. Everyone has their own ideas about this. And it is precisely those ideas and experiences that Qualiview sees as the starting points for better, affordable and transparent care.

By completing the questionnaire, you as a patient have a major influence on the effectiveness and quality of healthcare providers. This is anonymous and only takes a few minutes. So ask your healthcare provider about the questionnaire. The more people fill in the questionnaire, the more experiences and reviews are shared. It encourages healthcare providers to continue to monitor and improve their quality of care so that you as a patient can receive the best care.

Keurmerk Fysiotherapie

The Physiotherapy Quality Mark focuses on the quality of physiotherapeutic treatment. It is their ambition to provide physiotherapists with insight into the quality of their physiotherapeutic actions, as the start of a process in which they continuously work on improving this. The quality mark ensures that physiotherapists who work in this way on the quality of physiotherapeutic treatment are recognizable to health insurers, patients and the government, without being hindered by unnecessary administrative burdens.
The quality mark guarantees the best possible treatment for the patient, contributes to the realization of cost efficiency and effectiveness, and enables further development of the quality of physiotherapeutic care. As a result, the Physiotherapy Quality Mark ensures that physiotherapy acquires a sustainable position in society.

As a participant in the Quality Mark, we are motivated to learn and improve ourselves. We actively participate in peer review, training, pop and data collection.


The Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) collects treatment data in the National Database of Physiotherapy (LDF). This data is used for quality assurance, policy development and scientific research. For example, we work together with them to improve physiotherapeutic care. Your physiotherapist can view and learn from the collected data via the LDF dashboard. If you, through your physiotherapist, give permission for data collection in the LDF, part of the data from your electronic patient file will be sent to the LDF via a secure connection. In the LDF it is not necessary to know who you are exactly. We therefore do not receive your name and contact information.
The goal of a physiotherapist is to always provide optimal care. And to determine how effective certain treatments are, we compare data per treatment with national averages in the LDF. Based on this comparison, your physiotherapist will decide which treatment is best. In this way, your data contributes to a higher quality of care.

De Fysiotherapeut

On this site you will find reliable information about a large number of disorders and complaints for which a physiotherapist can treat you. There is also information about insuring physiotherapy and what you can do if you have complaints about your physiotherapist.


SpotOnMedics is the company that supports us on the background with, among other things, our financial and personnel administration.
They also provide us with the EPD (Electronic Patient File) FysioOne. This is the program in which we process all files and diaries on a daily basis. All invoices and subscriptions are also generated via this program.
FysioOne also offers the patient an online environment where you can view your schedule and dossier.