Dry Needling

Dry needling is an innovative treatment technique in physiotherapy. In this technique, the tension in the muscle is treated with thin acupuncture needles. This allows the muscle to relax in a quick and effective way.

Dry needling is often used as an addition to physiotherapeutic treatment for muscle complaints. The treatment technique can improve blood flow in the muscles, improve mobility in the joint and reduce local and radiating pain.
Dry needling can be used as an additional treatment method for many different complaints, including: tension headaches, neck complaints, low back complaints, tennis elbow and many other muscle-related complaints.

The physiotherapist will assess together with the patient whether dry needling can be a good additional treatment method for the complaints the patient is experiencing.

Dry needling treatments are part of the physiotherapy session. As a result, a session under a physiotherapy session is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance.

For dry needling you can contact the following physiotherapists: Dorien, Stijn, Maaike and Lucas.
We offer dry needling at multiple practice locations. Please contact our reception to make an appointment.
If you wish to be treated with dry needling, we request that you complete the informed consent in advance. See the link below for this.

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